RDX Shin Guard MMA Instep Foam Pad Support Boxing Leg Guards Foot Protective Gear Kickboxing (CE Certified Approved by SATRA), Black, M

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These SATRA certified shin guards with instep should be a staple to your martial arts, MMA or Muay Thai training. RDX’s shin pad foot protector is made from lightweight CF-F and Aegis Protect-X foam padding that absorbs and dissipates impact of force before it reaches anywhere close to the shin bone. The pad ensures Ayz-F Elastic for snug fit to ensure retention of position and “no-slip” ability while exclusive MMT moisture wicking technology for better performance and fresh feeling during those dangerous Muay-Thai moments! (SMALL & MEDIUM SIZES RECOMMENDED FOR UP TO 14 YEARS OF AGE)


  • 【Lightweight Woven Carbon Fiber Fabric Construction】 RDX Shin Instep Guards are made with Lightweight Woven Carbon Fiber fabric that offer better for split, tear and crack resistance. This material is more rigorous in training and last for a very long time. The construction is sturdy and durable without being too stiff. They’re nice and light which makes kicking solid and quick.
  • 【Supremo-Shock Foam Padding】 Our Shin protectors are manufactured using top-notch Supremo-shock foam padding to assist you while delivering solidity and adequate shin support. High density padding protects your shin effectively without conceding any power. The superior padding construction absorbs nasty impacts that interrupts performance.
  • 【Shell Shock GEL Integrated Layers】 These Shin guards are extremely compact and Shell-Shock Gel Integrated Layers delivers optimum impact resistance. Shell Shock gel padding makes these shin guards almost invincible, allowing you to dish out some major force with full conviction. The gel layer protection is exclusively manufactured for real tough workout.
  • 【MMT Moisture Wicking Technology】 RDX Shin Instep protectors are equipped with matchless MMT technology that ensures you liberate the fighter within you while sogginess runs far away. Your shin remain dry and odor less. It disregards moistness and wicks away wetness thus, you stand hygienically clean. This technology is carefully backed by physiotherapists for wicking off moisture.
  • 【Ayz-F Elastic for Snug Fit】 These insteps are manufactured to deliver quality provision, relief, and assistance without compromising agility. Close-fitting, form-fitting, and breathable firmness in fabric preserves shin strength. It is manufactured exclusively for comfy fit. Once you’re wearing these shins it’s easy to move and kick, and the lightweight design keeps you quick – Satisfaction Guaranteed.
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