Merco Tatami mat Judo/Karate 104×104 cm (3 cm)


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Originally tatami mats to serve as a support for combat sports and martial arts. Today, however, widely used in all sports where we practice barefoot and where it is needed rugged, durable, non-slip and non-toxic material with reasonable toughness and easy maintenance. That’s how the tatami Merco. Merco tatami lightweight all-foam slabs of EVA foam with high density, each with dimensions of 104 cm x 104 cm (including the edges) with a structured surface, in two colors with a choice of thickness from 2 to 4 cm according to user needs. All variants are fitted with tatami Merco terminating four corners and especially heavy duty locks / joints, which fits perfectly together, and that even when composing parts do not break and deform. Tatami Merco with its processing and rivaling the world’s most reputed manufacturers and are therefore useful not only in rehabilitation centers, gymnasiums, wellness and fitness center for regular workouts, yoga, aerobics … etc., but also for training and competitions in martial arts such as For example, karate, judo, taekwondo and kick-boxing. Tatami Merco are sold one at a time, so that everyone can set up something the shape and extent of areas according to their needs.

  • The lightweight mats made of HD EVA foam, thick 2-4 cm, the edges are modified to form larger areas.
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