Judo winni-mat i-soft safe, leakage protection, water treatment, removing


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Judo i-soft and safe water softening system in accordance with DIN EN 14743 and DIN 19636 100 with DIN-DVGW mark for water softening of drinking water with integrated leakage protection.The parallel operation guarantees the simultaneous, hygienic perfusion thanks to the flow all system parts design:Conditioner consists of fibreglass container (PN 10), filled with monosphere ion-exchange resin, food grade for optimal water distribution and minimizing pressure loss and regeneration, medium sensor, guard in water input (for to the volume and quality-dependent control), thousand-fold proven, non-wearing ceramic disctTechnology for lifetime programming of sequences of operation, electronic control panel with LCD display for operation, regeneration, Rest and lack of salt as well as manual trigger the regeneration, invisible water control through finishing touch Matic, regeneration after about 96 hours and the system is hygienic thanks to a built-in disinfection with platinum plated titanium electrodes, separate salt outlets and storage canister with consistent sole stocking with 2-stage salt display, isolated distortion alert, including built-in swivel flange with patented bayonet C/W fixings and lid.With an i-safe leakage cover for blocking off the tap water if the temperature is exceeded the limits are not reached (max. Amount of water, water flow and max. Removal time). Information, mistakes and change reserved.


  • For water softening orPartial water softening for drinking and household water.
  • Parallel operation.
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