Hayabusa MMA Gloves | T3 4oz MMA Gloves | Men and Women (X-Large)


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Product Description

Ultimate versatility and protection. T3 is the crowning result of Hayabusa’s obsession with research, testing and development. State of the art equipment that lets you strike harder, train longer and perform better. Pre-curved design and the best closure system ever created. Be prepared to wield the ultimate weapon. A glove built to push performance limits just as you do. Break down any barriers and rise above, your best is awaiting!


  • The Hayabusa T3 MMA gloves are ideal for combat, sparring, or striking. They are perfect for athletes of all levels and will be a nice addition to your boxing equipment collection.
  • The pre-curved design helps reduce hand fatigue during sparring or competition and the Dual-X closure is unmatched when it comes to hand and wrist stabilization.
  • The Hayabusa Y-Volar design delivers superior stability and control over the standard MMA glove. A consistent, contoured fit that stays securely in place whether you’re grappling or striking.
  • The attention to detail and craftsmanship guarantees a glove as durable and resilient as the athletes who use it.
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