3X Professional Choice Boxing Strike Shield Training Thai Pad Kickboxing Krav Maga MMA Target Focus Punching Mitts (SOLD AS SINGLE ITEM)


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Maximum Protection for Safe Training.Our arm kick pads/sparring pads are unique and well designed. High density padding to provide protection from bruises and other injuries during powerful kicks. They are designed to protect the holder from feeling the kicks. This pad is made with adjustable strap to tighten or loosen into different sizes and grips.The shape of an arm kick pad/kick pads martial arts is very important. The arm kick pads are curved which makes them comfortable for the kicker and safe for the holder. The handles are designed strong to absorb the force dished out without tearing or ripping out. Quality and durability assured by 3X Sports. These 3x Kick shields Can be used in all of these sports Taekwondo, Kick Pads Boxing, Karate Pads, martial arts pads, martial arts training equipment, kick pads martial arts, mma pads ,mma bag, boxing pad, Punch pads, Thaipads, sparring pads, kickboxing pads, kick pad, punching pads, kick pads martial arts ,Muay Thai punch bags, kick shield, boxing pads, Thai boxing pads, boxing mitts and pads, sparring pads, jab pads, kickboxing


  • ✅CE CERTIFIED APPROVED_PRODUCT DETAIL- 3X Sports introduces CE Approved premium Taekwondo arm kick pads which are designed to meet the needs of sparring pads Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA, Taekwondo and karate training pads with Length=38cm, Width=20cm and Depth=11cm.
  • ✅ERGONOMIC CONSTRUCTION -our Taekwondokick shields for kick boxing,Karate, MartialArts, MMA and other fighting sports are made of Rex Hide Leather and filled with ‘IMT three layers of Gel integrated thick Foam for maximum absorption of shock. The Foam is high density to withstand the hardest hits. Trainer harder and safer each day.
  • ✅SUPER COMFY – OPTIMAL PROTECTION – our Rex hide leather Taekwondoarm kick pads/Punch pads are well padded to enhance comfort during training sessions. They have quality shock absorbers that are able to endure high-velocity hits. Also supplemented with two cushioned Velcro arm straps for easy wear and removal.
  • ✅DURABLE AND EASY TO MAINTAIN – created from a quality material that is super durable. These training kick shields, Kick Pads Boxing, Karate Pads, Martial Arts pads and Sparring pads are made strong for heavy duty workouts to absorb punch and kicks over and over again. They are wellstitched to ensure stability, and our Rex Hide Leather is also very easy to clean.
  • ✅PREMIUM BRAND GUARANTEE – this product is covered by a 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason you are unhappy with this product, let us know we`ll fix things and process a refund. We are happy when all our customers are satisfied. Order risk free today.
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